Why Buy in Kusadasi

Over 300 sunny days each year.
Excellent climate.
Almost everyone speaks English.
Close to two main airports, Izmir about 70 km away and Bodrum about 140 km.
Easy access to major tourist attractions both historical and fun.
Nearby sites include Ephesus, one of the wonders of the ancient world and Adaland, the largest Aqua-park in Europe.
The town centre and suburbs are full of shops, beach clubs, restaurants and non-stop nightlife.
One of the nicest sea front promenades and largest Marinas in Turkey.
A range of blue flag beaches with plenty of watersports.
Twice daily ferries to Greece.
A very low cost of living and taxes.
Numerous Markets on different days each week.
Property costs are currently very low and well finished.
Many Europeans have already purchased in Kusadasi.
Properties have increased in value by up to 25 % each year.

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Why Buying Property Kusadasi Turkey

Kusadasi Real Estate

Buying Property in Turkey
It is recommended that before you go house hunting you spend a little time on basic preparations even if you finally decide not to buy.

For a returnable* fee of 75 euros I will supply transport and a guide to take you to:

A Turkish Bank, to set up a current account (1). These current accounts will give you access to your account by ATM and for any standing orders you may have to set up later. You will have full, password protected, internet access from anywhere in the world and they normally pay you nearly 14% interest on any balances.

Turkish Inland Revenue to register you with a Turkish Tax number which is needed to buy property.

Introduce you to an English speaking Turkish Lawyer (2).

Transport you to the Notary’s Office to process the TAPU [Property Deeds].

You should allow a morning to complete all the initial requirements and you will then be in a position to buy either on this trip or at a later time.

* The 75 euro fee will be refunded if you decide to purchase any property on my books.

(1) Your current account will allow you to transfer funds safely from your home account to your Turkish account by electronic transfer. You will also be able to order a Turkish ATM & Switch card.

(2) www.law-tr.com

Buying a Villa or Apartment in Turkey is less complicated than in Ireland or England. This simplicity sometimes causes concern to our customers who are more use to the long drawn out legal process in their own country.

Because the Estate Agent is more responsibility for managing the buying and selling process it is very important that your Real Estate Agent is a registered and Licensed…Ask to see his Licence.

Members of the Kusadasi estate Agents Association ( Kusemder ) uses the official Kusemder Bi-language contracts and official receipts for all monies. The comprehensive Kusemder contract fully explains the terms of sale and provides legally binding protection for both the seller and the buyer. These legally binding contracts are pre-numbered in triplicate with a copy going to the buyer, the seller and the Estate Agent.

Some times second time buyers are confident enough to complete the sale without a lawyer as legal representation is not legally required. However we recommend, for the customer’s peace of mind, that a lawyer is employed. You may also grant Power of Attorney to a lawyer to complete legal documents in your absence.

The Title Deeds Office and the County Council will check

*The title deeds of the property are in order
*The person selling the property is the registered owner
*There are no debts or charges on the property

The Title Deed for the property called a TAPU will have the property details and a passport style photo of the current owner [seller] and his name. You will need to see this before signing any documents.

On successful completion of the buying process, your photo[s] along with your name[s] will be entered onto the new TAPU at the TAPU [Land Registry] office confirming you as the sole owner[s].

If you are buying an Apartment it will normally be part of a Co-Operative. This will be quicker than buying a villa or house because, although the process is the same as above, instead of receiving a TAPU, your name[s] are entered into the register at the TAPU office replacing that of the seller making the apartment legally yours.

As a very rough guide to other costs you may expect to pay:

*3% estate agent fees
*£300 land registry and property tax
*£75 notary fees
*£60 a year property and contents insurance
*£10 a year council tax
*£25 a month pool, ground and site security charge.